April 13, 2021

Good or Bad, We Love Customer Feedback

Here at Tele2 IoT we are of course always happy to hear praise, but what we really want to hear from our customers is where we can improve. We want to get the bad feedback because that is the best way for us to understand what our customers need and how we can do better in serving them 

In order to find those customers that aren’t satisfied we want to get that information quickly so we can act quickly. While we have larger customer surveys that go out a few times a year, it is far more challenging to address issues if we hear about them five months after they happen, rather than five hours 

In light of this, we have started working with a new vendor, GetFeedbackwhich is a fully automated feedback service integrated into our systems, which gives us the opportunity to be about as proactive as you can get, allowing us to address any challenges in a timely manner and hopefully to the satisfaction of our customers.  

Here’s how it works: every time we close a customer case an action is triggered in the form of a short survey automatically sent to the customer to see how we did with resolving their case. The prioritized question is how they rate our support on a scale of one to five.  Any rating of one or two triggers an action for us to contact the customer directly within two days to find out why they were dissatisfied, so they can help us improve. So, when it comes to customer service, we’re not just talking the talk, we’re walking the walk.  

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We want our customers to be aware that we are implementing this new service because we absolutely want their input.

The new automated system gives customers a clear channel through they can feedback their pleasure – or displeasure – with our support. Integrating it into our systems means it is far less likely that we will miss comments or feedback, and it also allows us to track customer satisfaction levels across time. For example, if Customer X has been in contact with us five times in one year and has rated us a one or two on several occasions, this gives us an opportunity to quickly address their concerns. Integration also means transparency across the IoT team: so, account managers, professional services, etc. can see what is happening and take action where necessary.  

Having this system in place not only benefits specific customers, it benefits all of our customers, because we are able t identify and address challenges quickly and efficiently. And there is no risk of a customer being spammed: we have a filter in place that makes sure that a survey is only sent when two weeks have passed between contacts.  

The survey itself is short and simple, with five questions that the customer rates on a scale of one to five. There is also space for comments, which allows the customer to pinpoint their feedback clearly. We also ask if we can make direct contact in order to get more details. Some say no, but the majority say yes, which is extremely helpful to us, as we prefer to call and speak to our customers directly in order to dig deeper into any concerns they may have.  

Our new system is an important tool for us as we strive to support our customers in the best way possible. And we really do want to hear from you, so if you have any questions at all, please get in touch 

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