May 25, 2021

5G Enablement for IoT: Faster Speeds, Lower Latency & New Use Cases

When Tele2 launched 5G for IoT with Foodora’s autonomous delivery droid Doora in March, Stefan Trampus, Tele2’s Business Area Manager for B2B, said: “This is only the beginning for 5G and IoT. Now we want to see what more we can enable”. This got us all thinking about the many amazing opportunities ahead. 

With 5G we see much higher data streams much faster, the response rate is better, and that means better redundancy and enablement for real time services. CCTV is an obvious use case (with its high data streams), but also things like real time surgery, and autonomous vehicles, including, of course, Doora. 

Doora herself will soon deliver restaurant food, as well as groceries and other items to customers living near Stockholm’s Stureplan area, where 5G already works well. At the same time, 5G is being rolled out across Sweden at a fast pacewhich is making both consumers and companies very happy that data speeds are increasing. Most companies are very interested in the data being generated, because that means, among other things, the predictiveness of machine behavior is greatly improved. Furthermore, with lots of data, AI can be used to take decisions – because the more data the owner has access to, the more those decisions are improved. 

IoT itself differs a bit from the 5G used on our mobile phones, where the benefits of having more data faster are obvious (the higher speed,  the better user experience and faster downloading)For the whole IoT use case thoughand for the cases that are improved by 5G, there are settings that need to be put in place, because IoT communication has differences in technology compared to mobile communication. Tele2 IoT is proud to say that we now have the capabilities to do everything we could do with 4G using 5G for our customers’ devices through our roaming agreements.  

Back to the quote from Stefan Trampus; what more can we enable? We’re happy to talk to you about the possibilities 5G offers your IoT solution – please get in touch. 

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