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Sunsetting 2G & 3G: What This Means for IoT Connectivity & Your IoT Solution

2G and 3G networks have been around for decades and billions of IoT devices have relied on them for their connectivity. Both generations have enabled an affordable way to keep devices connected almost anywhere in the world, whether those devices are static or on the go. But now it is time for modernization and upgrades, and with only so much bandwidth to go, with 4G already established, the rollout of 5G underway, and IoT-specific technologies such as LTE-M now available, 2G and 3G will be retired and replaced.

Decommissioning of 2G and 3G has already been initiated and/or completed in some parts of the world, including in Canada and Australia, with the US to be next. Other countries and regions have a wide range of sunsetting dates, with most of Europe looking at the end of 2025, although that is not a unilateral date for all countries. Switzerland will likely be the first European country to completely close 2G, which is estimated to happen at the end of 2023. The bottom line is that 2G and 3G will eventually be retired everywhere, so this is an issue that cannot be avoided.

Tele2 Sweden already began phasing out 3G during 2021 and initially it will only be in places with good 2G and 4G coverage. Over time the phasing out will increase in speed and completely retire in 2025.

The 2G closure is similar for all large operators in Sweden since the license for the 2G frequency ends in December 2025. Tele2 will use this opportunity to futureproof the network for all of our customers.

Tele2 IoT is here to assist you in not just understanding when and where decommissioning will happen, but also to understand how these changes will impact your deployment and what steps you need to take to deal with the coming changes – because the last thing you want is to still be using 2G and 3G networks when a carrier you rely on shuts that network down and your deployment is not ready for the next generations.

It is important to be proactive, not reactive, and most of all, to be prepared. It is essential to take inventory of every device deployed and assess which deployments and customers will need to make a transition. Tele2 IoT has the tools to help you identify where changes need to be made and our team is ready to assist you in assessing which technology you should move to, as well as address other challenges, such as if your hardware will be compatible.

The Tele2 IoT Team is committed to supporting and guiding our customers as we go through this technological shift. We are able to provide you with information on sunsetting dates for specific regions and countries as it is available so that your solution is not interrupted or otherwise impacted. There are plenty of excellent options available to replace 2G and 3G and we are happy to help you decide which best suits your particular needs.

Please get in touch, so that we can help you successfully navigate the changes ahead.