Smart CCTV & 5G

Smart CCTV is predicted to be the biggest platform for 5G IoT in the coming three years, with the number of devices expected to reach more than 11 million units by 2022 and nearly 50 million units by 2023. With roughly 770 million surveillance cameras already installed globally, it’s clear that the world of CCTV is poised to undergo a rather seismic change.

Smart CCTV vs Traditional CCTV

5G-enabled smart CCTV does everything 4G-enabled CCTV does –and then it does a lot of things that weren’t possible previously. Faster speed (10 times faster than current 4G) and low latency (less than half a second between transmission and reception) means CCTV might just be the ideal use case for 5G, because extremely low latency equals a very quick reaction time.

With faster speed and ultra-low latency, we’ll enjoy better and clearer images that will be transmitted in near-real time. And with the help of data and enabled algorithms, the ability to understand and make sense of those images will mean that smart CCTV will not just be able to detect behavior but also to track and then evaluate it.

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In other words, information will be rapidly fed into a system which can almost instantly respond, creating alerts or making other decisions.

So, while cellular-based security camera systems using 4G are already a reality, 5G will take things to a whole different level.

Smart CCTV Business Benefits

Smart CCTV offers a wide range of advantages and has myriad business applications that include but also move well beyond security, including business intelligence and information management.

Let’s look at a warehouse: goods are loaded, unloaded, stored, and shipped. Smart CCTV allows you to not just stay on top of these activities but to also address loss prevention and ensure there are no deviations in inventory.

If we turn to manufacturing, there are many areas where smart CCTV can play a valuable role, including monitoring everything from parking lots, access to entrances and exits, office areas, delivery and dispatch areas, and of course, manufacturing and assembly areas. Smart cameras not only offer benefits in terms of the security of machinery and product but also the safety of employees: video can be used in post-incident investigations, allowing for adjustments to safety procedures.  CCTV can also monitor the overall production process, with technologies like thermal imaging allowing you to monitor potential issues, such as machines overheating, and take proactive measures.

When it comes to smart campuses, such as airports, smart CCTV applications are even more widespread. In this type of environment, smart CCTV and the data it generates can be used for the obvious security applications, but also for crowd control, merchandize ID, parking optimization, payments, inventory control, marketing, and much, much more.

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If we look at a retail operation, such as a shopping mall, smart CCTV can provide real time analysis of traffic patterns and customer movement throughout the premises. This allows for better management of customer flow/movement and better understanding of customer behavior.

It also generates data that can be analyzed and then used for commercial purposes, such as implementing higher price points on goods in heavily trafficked areas or charging more for premium retail space.  Additionally, a high-definition camera can conduct stock analysis, with alerts being sent automatically when shelves begin to empty.


While smart CCTV has obvious benefits for both societies and individuals, there will be a number of challenges, with privacy being one of the big ones. With increased capabilities to track and monitor populations some do question the Big Brother nature of what is heading our way.

Handling the enormous amount of data that will be generated will be another challenge, both from a cost perspective and a storage perspective. Real time 5G IoT applications will require systems that sit on the edge and that are connected to a backend repository, such as the cloud.

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