IoT Trends 2022

IoT continues to drive the digitalization and datafication of both businesses and society in general. Connected healthcare, autonomous robots, smart farming… everything around us is being connected and as IoT technologies continue to mature, further benefits will be found, particularly with 5G and LTE-M as drivers.

So, as we move into massive IoT, what are some of the biggest trends we can expect to emerge or mature during 2022?


IoT has been enabling healthcare for a number of years already, and with the global pandemic still a reality, further innovations will emerge.  Connected healthcare is a broad use case, of course, encompassing everything from fitness trackers and remote monitoring to connected medical centers and telemedicine. The advances in connected healthcare have led to improved outcomes and better quality of life for patients.

One continued trend within healthcare will be the use of IoT devices to collect data on patient conditions. Using IoT devices means avoiding bringing large numbers of potentially infectious people together in close quarters, something that is critical during a pandemic. IoT devices and telecare will also allow doctors to continue to provide medical attention to a greater number of patients without the risk of infection via in-person visits Additionally, IoT devices will make healthcare available in more remote areas where there is less access to doctors or medical facilities. And speaking of medical facilities, IoT technology will be further integrated into everything from wheelchairs and defibrillators to oxygen pumps and even soap dispensers to ensure smoother operations at facilities.

And even connected drones are getting into the healthcare picture: Swedish company Everdrone, which delivers defibrillators via drone, recently delivered an emergency defibrillator in just three minutes. The connected drone was carrying a lightweight and easy to use defibrillator that arrived on the scene faster than first responders, something that surely saved the 71-year-old man’s life. These kinds of connected technologies will continue to expand within healthcare, leading to more successful outcomes, particularly in emergency situations.

5G growth

5G and IoT go together like peanut butter goes with jelly – and with 5G expansion will continue to accelerate IoT adoption in 2022. Why? Because successful IoT solutions increasingly require low latency and hyper connectivity, two things that 5G technology brings to the IoT table. As 5G coverage expands and 5G roaming agreements are hammered out, businesses will be able to offer services that would previously have been too costly or logistically difficult. Faster data transfers, increased coverage, and energy efficiency will become prime drivers of IoT growth and development.  That said, security concerns will continue to need attention, which means enhanced security will be another trend during 2022.


Security has always needed to be top of mind when it comes to IoT and the expansion of 5G is only going to increase the need for enhanced security, in part due to the resultant increased number of IoT devices and thus attack surfaces.  The first half of 2021 saw 1.5 billion attacks against IoT devices, and this trend will not subside if security doesn’t become job one. Given that roughly 15% of businesses deploying IoT have not updated their security protocols and that there are very few government standards requiring businesses to stay on top of cybersecurity, it is imperative that IoT providers take up the slack and ensure their customers’ IoT solutions are not vulnerable.

The good news is that everyone from connectivity providers to hardware manufacturers are taking security much more seriously, and they are making sure that customers do as well. Additional layers of security are being added and the data collected from connected devices can actually be used to predict and prevent cyberattacks. There will be even more focus on cybersecurity tools in 2022 and businesses will increasingly understand that addressing cybersecurity is an essential part of their IoT solutions.


Sustainability will continue to be an important technology trend, with IoT in particular being used to facilitate any number of use cases. Everything from optimized fuel consumption in transportation to controlling, measuring and managing renewable energy sources such as solar panels will benefit from IoT solutions. Taking regular temperature and soil humidity measures in forests to prevent potential forest fire, utilizing water level sensors to enhance flood warning systems, using sensors on streetlights to measure and collect data about air quality – the possibilities will continue to grow during 2022.


The manufacturing industry has always been a bit slow in adopting new technologies and IoT is no different – but 2022 will see that change. Manufacturers are now clear as to how IoT can benefit their setup and save them money. From preventive maintenance that reduces or eliminates production delays to enhanced operational efficiencies and improved safety – IoT brings a lot of benefits to not just the factory floor but also to the C-suite. You can learn more about the Internet of Industrial Things (IIoT) in the Tele2 White Paper.

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