How IoT Empowers Digital Signage

In a world where we are continually faced with floods of information coming at us from all directions, it’s more important than ever to deliver messages that break through the noise and capture the attention of your audience. Gone are the days of the passive and static billboard on the highway or in a shopping mall – today, there is a fast-growing demand for digital displays that deliver high quality, high-resolution content everywhere from public spaces to restaurants to shops. The demand to be flexible in order to quickly pivot both your message and where that message is seen and heard mean cellular IoT connectivity is the right choice when it comes to connecting your digital signs

Not all that long ago a digital sign was simply a digital replacement for a static sign. The signs weren’t ‘smart’ and they didn’t really do much more than passively display information. These days, digital displays are both interactive and dynamic, and they are connected to other resources or devices to provide near instant access to relevant and often personalized information. This leads to streamlined communication, differentiation from competitors, and often an improved bottom line.

But as digital signage evolves, new needs are emerging, calling for even more agile and dynamic solutions. This is where IoT brings real value. Businesses need simple, integrated solutions that offer the flexibility and freedom to customize their content and narrative without the need to constantly update their systems or lay out a lot of money.

So, when it comes to connecting your digital signs, it’s simple:  SIM-based cellular connectivity does away with the need for time consuming and complex on-site setups that you get with hardwired networks. By empowering digital displays with SIM cards, digital signs can be installed anywhere in the world where cellular networks exist – which means pretty much anywhere. You simply deploy your device, activate your SIM, and off you go, bringing your message to the audience you want, where you want.

Digital signage benefits

There are any number of benefits to connecting your digital signage, but these are the most critical due to broad applicability and relevance across most industries:

Enhanced engagement

Digital displays capture nearly 400% more views than traditional static displays. How does this impact your business? More views mean more opportunities, and more interest means more customers at your door, all of which can lead to more sales. Essentially, moving images attract eyes a lot faster than a static image.


We all know that time is money and the difference between traditional signs and digital signs is like night and day. Unlike with the old signs, digital displays don’t need to be printed, posted, and lived with for days or weeks on end, only to go through the process all over again when you have some new content. With digital signage, you can change your content in the blink of an eye, tailoring your message where and and when needed.

Greater customer satisfaction

From helping customers find their way to improving information accessibility, digital signage enhances customer experience in myriad ways. In fact, according to Digital Signage Today, customers who interact with digital signage have 46% high satisfaction, with managing queues by displaying estimated wait times and alerts when it’s a customer’s turn reducing perceived wait times at checkout by as much as 35%. All of this leads to increased customer retention.

Increased revenue

When it comes to retail, you can take advantage of your digital real estate in high-traffic areas by selling advertising space to well-chose third-party companies. These could be brands you offer in-store or businesses with complementary products and services. Of course, over-using this tactic can have the opposite effect: a few, well placed ads can be a bonus – a deluge could degrade the experience.

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