Early IoT Adopters

It’s only been a decade or so since IoT grew some roots and really started to change the world as we knew it. Early adopters were bold enough to take a calculated risk and go where no company had gone before. In doing so, they were able to not just enhance their business and hopefully open new markets, they were also able to help shape the road ahead, simply by dint of being there first.

The stakes are much higher for early adopters, though, and it means navigating pitfalls along the way. When it comes to IoT those early days pitfalls included fragmented technologies, organizational issues, lack of user experience and knowledge, and security concerns. Those who began their IoT Journey a bit further down the road or who are now about to start their IoT journey can learn a lot from those who braved the wild west early days of IoT, because despite the challenges, IoT has brought an enormous amount of value to companies that have implemented it.

• Identify use cases and business benefits

As the IoT hype wanes, focusing on developing use cases with clear business benefits is more critical than ever. Not only will this identify benefits such as cost savings, revenue generation, happy customers, and optimized processes, it will also help you avoid lame arguments like ‘everyone’s doing it’ while convincing company decision-makers to make IoT a priority

• Implement cross-functional collaboration

It’s important that your IT department partners with other functions and units; this can be an opportunity to assess skill gaps while also spreading new capabilities across your organization. It’s also important to understand that it’s not just the CTO who needs to understand your IoT deployment – C-level involvement across the board is important right from the start.

• Have a data plan

Data is the superpower of IoT but the more IoT you do the more data you’re going to have to handle. In order to keep things under control, understand where data is coming from, what you want from it, and how you’re going to analyze it.

• Make security and privacy a priority

When data is flowing the potential for it to be breached is always there, but you can minimize the risk by taking security seriously and working with your provider to ensure the secure solution that meets your particular needs.

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