One challenge that any customer looking for an IoT connectivity solution has is the risk of getting locked in. The last time we talked about eUICC and 2SWITCH we said that one important question you should ask your IoT connectivity provider is, “How will you help me leave you?”. And while it sounded like planning the divorce before you even got married, it remains one of the most important questions you can ask. Unlike some other connectivity providers, we encourage you to ask this question – and it is one that we are more than happy to answer.

What is new since the last article we wrote on eUICC is that we have now launched the latest version of 2SWITCH (eUICC according to the new GSMA standard v.3.2). With this latest version, you still avoid the big costs traditionally associated with switching connectivity providers, such as manually changing out SIMs in your devices, but with a couple of important improvements that benefit you, the customer, significantly.

Here are 3 things worth considering:

• If you are a customer of Tele2 IoT, you can add 2SWITCH SIMs and subscription management to your
solution.   This will allow you to switch providers easily and without hassles. The previous version of 2SWITCH (GSMA standard v.2) only supported switches between selected vendors. Our latest version, though, assures interoperability between operators, independent of SIM vendor. This is the prenup we like to talk about, the one that ensures you won’t be financially devastated if you decide to leave your connectivity supplier – or us.

• The second benefit is that you can get connectivity from us if your current connectivity supplier offers eUICC.  There’s a good chance they have it in their portfolio – but they probably aren’t talking about it openly.  The good thing is that you might not want to completely switch providers – maybe you just want to add one or more. Not a problem. You don’t necessarily have to switch providers. Instead, you can have multiple profiles on one SIM – and this interoperability widens your margins while adding to your flexibility. It means you are truly multi-sourcing your connectivity.

• While some of our competitors might not want to talk about eUICC and the benefits it brings, this is something we are not only proud to talk about, we also happily embrace it. Why? Because we believe in unlimited connectivity, and that translates into customers of ours who have already chosen to take advantage of eUICC – and who are already reaping all the reward that brings.

So, while we hope we have a long and happy “marriage” with all of our customers, 2SWITCH is the prenup that guarantees that if for any reason you want to leave us or you want to add us or other operators to your SIMs, it’s going to be easy, with no big hassles or headaches.

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Mirza Kotorcic
Go-to-Market Manager