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    Get Ready for IoT Talks 2022 - Beyond the Visibility Line!

    IoT Talks 2022 will be aired live from Stockholm on the 10th of November.  This year’s event will focus on the role IoT plays in supporting – and transforming – different business models and how it touches everything around us.

    “As advancements in technology enable massive IoT, companies are able to leverage IoT to not just enhance their business model, but to evolve it. This enables new opportunities and keeps them relevant in an increasingly digitalized world. I look forward to welcoming everyone to IoT Talks 2022, where we will gain new understanding about the transformative impact IoT is having on our customers’ businesses and the world at large.”
    Kjell Johnsen – CEO Tele2

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    How IoT enables solutions across different verticals.

    Get Your IoT Strategy Right

    No matter where you are in your IoT journey getting your strategy right is crucial.

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    A critical vulnerability has been detected in the Java library Log 4j. This software is used in millions of services and applications worldwide, and the security breach has been scored as extremely serious for security in systems and software.

    You can read more about the issue and how Tele2 is responding here.

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