5G, the fifth-generation mobile network, will not just improve how we connect with each other, it will bring great benefits to how we interconnect and control machines, objects, and devices with IoT. It brings higher speeds, lower latency, and better security, and has been designed to meet the high growth in data and connectivity of today, while also keeping a firm eye on tomorrow’s innovations. The sheer numbers of devices that will now be able to connect has the potential to revolutionize everything from modern industrial practices and campus networks to industries such as agriculture and manufacturing.

Broadband IoT

Broadband IoT offers the unlimited possibility with 5G to consume data in the Tele2 network in Sweden. This rate plan is tailored for customers who want to get started quickly, and who want predictable monthly connectivity costs, regardless of how data-hungry their application is. 

What is Broadband IoT? 

Broadband IoT is Tele2 IoT’s “set it and forget it” solution for wireless connectivity without worries, offering:  

  • Predictable costs 
  • Short time to market  
  • Access to all the data you need  

If you are new to IoT, connectivity costs can be challenging to keep track of. If you’re scaling, you may not have the time or expertise to streamline your data consumption. And if you’re an established actor in the industry, there are benefits other than cost control to consider, including making the most of the 5G future.  

Broadband IoT from Tele2 IoT is IoT subscriptions with: 

  • Unlimited data in Tele2 Sweden network 
  • Possibility of SMS and voice according to agreement 
  • Access to Control Center & other services provided by Tele2 IoT 
  • The service can be added to existing SIMs from Tele2 IoT.