2ROUTE - remotely accessing and securing your IoT device while making no compromises on your IoT solution

Remotely accessing and securing your IoT device while making zero compromises on your IoT solution is at the heart of 2ROUTE, even if your devices roam across borders and use different operators.

Top Business Benefits

Save IT-cost

Simplify IT infrastructure

Secure your data

Single view of entire deployment

While a traditional VPN often takes weeks to setup with a Telecom operator, 2ROUTE lets you to do it via our self-service portal in just minutes. There’s no need to install certificates – you’ll be enjoying industry-standard encryption quickly, ensuring your data is safe and secure.

2ROUTE also gives you the ability to assign and remove access, depending on who needs to be able to access your devices, and for how long – adding a crucial layer of security.

By unifying both your legacy and future deployments you are future-proofing your business. And our pay-as-you-grow subscription model means 2ROUTE will grow with you.

Top Tech Specs

Fast self-service set up

Cloud-based and scalable

VPN security

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