Change operators without changing SIMs with 2SWITCH

Changing operators can be a logistical nightmare, with the cost of switching SIM cards alone enough to give any businessperson at least a few sleepless nights.


Top Business Benefits

Easily switch operators

Cost savings

No need to physically change cards

Logistical ease & streamlined management of SIMs

2SWITCH is our subscription management service that gives you the ability to change operators without changing SIMs.

Think of 2SWITCH as an insurance policy or a parachute: you buy your global SIMs and you are ensured that you can move from one operator or connectivity provider without having to switch SIMs – and without incurring extra costs, such as replacing SIMs out in the field.

When looking for the right solution it’s important to consider that as you scale you may have connectivity needs in myriad countries or that you’ll want a number of different operators at the same time. This is not a problem: 2SWITCH is designed to optimize your connectivity, no matter where you are in the world or what your needs might be.

2SWITCH reflects our belief in world-class service and freedom – and even more importantly, it’s a reflection of our transparency.

Top Tech Specs

Based on GSMA embedded SIMs standard

Over-the-air provisioning of the subscription

Tele2 IoT take care of port out design and execution, subscription port-out transaction, and device verification

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