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General Inquiries

This is the place to get in touch, and ask questions. If you are interested in becoming a partner we recommend you to choose the section “Become a partner”. For all other general contact requests, go ahead and post your message here. Looking forward talking to you!

Become a Partner

Our partners are important to us in order for us to be able to provide our customers with everything that their business needs – from hardware and software to system integration. Do you want to become a part of our highly valued partner eco-system? Please get in touch with. We are looking forward to making IoT happen together.


If you want to get in touch with our support you have come to the right place! We´d love to help.

techsupport@tele2iot.com – Support for any technical requests and incidents
order@tele2iot.com – Placing orders for our products and services (e.g SIM cards).
billing@tele2iot.com – Support for any invoice related questions
info@tele2iot.com – All other questions and requests

Swedish customers: 0200 242 500
Austrian customers: +43 (0) 800 800 686
Croatian customers: +358 (0) 800 7995
Estonian customers: +372 686 6505
German customers: +49 (0) 800 0800 686
Latvian customers: +371 2000 5105
Dutch customers: +31 (0) 20 750 9009
Swiss customers: +41 (0) 800 200 311
Other countries: +46 868 407 000

Hier findensie uns


Torshamnsgatan 17

164 72 Kista, Sweden

Email: info@tele2iot.com


Lindholmspiren 7

417 56 Gothenburg, Sweden

Email: info@tele2iot.com


Wisselwerking 58

1112 XS Diemen, Netherlands

Email: info@tele2iot.com


Donau-City-Straße 11

1220 Vienna, Austria

Email: info@tele2iot.com


Sales Manager in Oslo

Email: info@tele2iot.com


Sales Manager in Helsinki

Email: info@tele2iot.com


Sales Manager in Riga

Email: info@tele2iot.com


Sales Manager in Hamburg

Email: info@tele2iot.com


Sales Manager in Dusseldorf

Email: info@tele2iot.com


Sales Manager in Birmingham

Email: info@tele2iot.com


Sales Manager in Zagreb

Email: info@tele2iot.com