May 23, 2018 17:57 CET

Smart Energy Management Solutions Powered by Tele2 IoT and SWYCS

Creating Smart Energy Management Solutions for the building sector

When two technology agnostic partners got together magic happened: Tele2 IoT and SWYCS created a future-proof IoT-solution for the Real Estate Market. This is the story of how technology revolutionized the way we think about energy distribution and preventive maintenance with a case study of Dutch installation Company Van Dijk Made.

Imagine a time when instead of paying endless energy bills people are actually generating more energy than they need. A time when home appliances, such as washing machines or electric car charging posts, automatically choose the right time to use green energy. A time when gas and oil are no longer primary energy resources and instead homes are zero energy.

This might sound like something out of the future but the future is already here.

Based in the Netherlands, SWYCS is a company specializing in IoT infrastructure and IoT solutions, with the SWYCS gateway providing solutions not just for energy management, but also for building maintenance, and health and welfare.

The Dutch government supports a number of innovative initiatives aimed household energy efficiency. One scheme, implemented since 2015, requires newly-built or renovated homes are no longer allowed to incorporate gas energy. In order to properly support this initiative, grants that support alternative energy sources which optimize energy usage, such as solar panels, have been made available, which helps move the country towards its stated aim of neutral energy housing.

A technology agnostic solution is the key

SWYCS stands out from other players on the market by being technologically agnostic: their gateway works with any access technology and is compatible with solutions from any vendor. In order to lift their offering even further, SWYCS has partnered with Tele2 IoT, which provides reliable mobile connectivity, as well as the enabling service 2ACCESS.

In short, SWYCS is part of creating a smarter world, making the Internet of Things concepts accessible by providing advanced accessible IoT infrastructure and solutions. SWYCS’ advanced IoT gateway and IoT platform allows housing associations to remotely monitor and control technical installations and sensors in homes and buildings. Energy usage data can be securely accesses and managed both in a user-friendly web interface or a smartphone app.

Through talks customers in this area, SWYCS understands that the smart energy management market is relatively scattered today, due to different companies using different access technologies ,and different devices supporting different protocols.

We want to position ourselves as a vendor-neutral future-proof IoT infrastructure provider. This is why it was extremely important for us to develop a gateway that also would be compatible with literally any vendor and any access technology.

Paul Geerts Strategic Partnerships and Sales Manager SWYCS

Tele2 IoT: The perfect match for SWYCS

“It was also important for us to find an IoT partner who would share our vision. It seems that with Tele2 IoT’s technology agnostic offering we found a perfect match.”

One of the challenges for SWYCS today is the customer influence at the connectivity site.

You don’t want to be dependent on the network created by residents. One change in the Wi-Fi password and we have to reconfigure everything. Since our gateway is like the beating heart of our IoT installation, we have decided to equip it with reliable Tele2 IoT connectivity with local roaming, ensuring the best connection in the area, regardless of the location of the gateway.

Bart Lelij Business Development Director SWYCS

“Security is a key factor in any IoT installation, so I would argue that private APN’s are an absolute must-have for any IoT devices using cellular IoT.”

Today, SWYCS’ IoT gateway works with a variety of access technologies, from more widely spread Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular, to emerging NB-IoT communication technologies like Lora, Zigbee, and Sigfox.

“While this allows our gateway to communicate with most of the sensors available on the market, it is extremely important to ensure a reliable and secure access communication with them,” says Bart Lelij. “Tele2 IoT’s connectivity enabling services, 2ROUTE and 2SECURE, significantly simplify our data communications between the smartphone app and the SWYCS gateway.

Van Dijk Made benefits from an innovative partner

One partnership SWYCS has made is with the Dutch installation company, Van Dijk Made, which has been searching for an innovative partner to enhance their service. Adding SWYCS’ solution to existing installations allows Van Dijk to now make direct connections to their installations, while also adjusting maintenance to the needs of the system.

Connecting heat pumps in different households across the Netherlands allows them to receive direct notifications in their planning software when service is needed.

Thanks to SWYCS we can now significantly increase the efficiency of our service teams, as well as ensure the endurance and the quality of our installations. But most importantly, we can make sure that our customers, like installation, construction, and social housing companies, are always happy because our heat pumps are working flawlessly.

Dennis Van Dijk Manager of Maintenance and Installations Van Dijk Made

Ambitious plans

SWYCS has the ambitious plans to expand their business to provide even more solutions to the households. Energy providers can benefit from SWYCS’ solution by connecting and remotely monitoring assets such as heat pumps, central heating systems, and even solar panels, which allows them to enter the area of preventive maintenance and make their operations even more efficient.

From the sustainability perspective, SWYCS’ solution can be used for energy labeling, raising awareness of energy usage for residents, while giving hem access to a user-friendly app.

“This is a big step on the journey to the zero energy housing of the future,” Paul Geertz says. “Additionally, with vendor-neutral solutions, integration with security, and healthcare solutions, SWYCS can become the real heart of any smart home.

“Connecting door locks and security cameras can open up opportunities for smart delivery solutions, while integrating SWYCS with healthcare alarm buttons and applications from health care organizations can bring elderly healthcare to a whole new level.

“Our ambition is to expand our footprint and increase the geography of our offering together with Tele2 IoT going forward, as their pay as use subscription models allows us to grow our business together,” concludes Paul Geerts.