Locate and perform a hassle-free diagnostics of your IoT device

We all know that service and customer care are key ingredients for successfully running your business. And understanding what is happening in your company both internally and externally will keep you on top of your game – and on top of the competition.

Top Business Benefits

Analytics, behaviour and location insights

Hassle-free troubleshooting

Easy setup and fast time-to-market

Gaining vital analytics and network insights, including location, allows you to troubleshoot and optimize your system. This, in turn, leads to less customer pain and much happier clients.

Understanding where your devices are located or detect problems before your customers even know they exist can make all the difference. Resolve issues, save service time, plan revenue – all with 2DISCOVER – and even increase sales.

2DISCOVER is our analytics and location service, based on network signaling data and enriched with external reference data, which can be directly integrated into any customer application – allowing you to troubleshoot, optimize and localize your deployment from your desk.  Because 2DISCOVER works globally with Tele2 SIMS on roaming networks, it’s an important addition to your arsenal, whether you are in five cities or on five continents.

2DISCOVER gives you hassle-free real time visualization – always keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

Top Tech Specs

Device network behavior analytics & location insight

Geofence and alerts

Available as GUI, API and Event streaming

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