IoT Security

It always get worse before it gets better. That’s the history of mankind, right?

I think we are in for a ride when it comes to security. There will be a lot of more security breaches simply because companies haven’t thought about the three different layers.

The physical technology security and that’s everything from hardware to software and infrastructure of different types of source including connectivity of course. The next level on top of that which is the rights management system, who has access to what. And the third layer is the information layer meaning how we communicate with the customers – the end users of these solutions – what actually happens with their information. It’s not only about being able to secure technically and from a structure, it’s also about informing the users of what is happening with the information so that they can take their own decisions on how they want the information to be managed.

Until all three layers of security have been controlled and managed – and not everything is about technology, right – until then we are going to have a lot breaches on our hands. There’s so many different things that we need to do to be able to cater to that.