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At Tele2 IoT connectivity is at the heart of everything we do – but it’s not everything we do.

What we do is orchestrate a smarter world – and we do that by efficiently delivering connectivity and IoT enabling services, while creating our carefully selected partner ecosystem, the essential ingredient in making IoT happen.

IoT is about connecting your business in order for you to become more effective and cost efficient, and to stay ahead of the competition with new business models and innovations.

Tele2 IoT has been recognized by Gartner for managed M2M services worldwide, and while we are global we’re also agile enough to act locally – allowing you think big, start small, and scale up when you’re ready.

IoT & Security

As awareness increases the quality of security measures has also increased. It is important for companies to keep track and have control.

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Sometimes they askWhy Tele2 IOT?

In addition to our products and services – which are designed to serve you throughout your IoT journey – we have a crawl-walk-run approach to everything we do. Our ‘glocal’ presence has proven to be both well-appreciated and successful, as exemplified by the trust given us by industry leaders.


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